What Top Entrepreneurs Should Consider When Outsourcing …AND WHY!

You started with vision. With passion and confidence. As an entrepreneur, you know all about moving ideas into plans. You can nurture an innovative concept into a full-fledged business and along the way formulate strategies while overcoming setbacks. You work hard. You sacrifice. No detail is too small. You don’t cut corners and demand excellence.

Your business is profitable, yet you’re not content. Ideas are coming into focus. You envision expansion. Maybe it’s more markets or bigger shares. Perhaps you have an eye on increasing profits with streamlined production or improved distribution channels. Maybe it’s all of those things, and some personal ones, too. Time with family. More funds to donate to causes you believe in.

So here’s the dilemma: You can’t do everything.

The sooner you recognize that, the quicker you become just like so many of the top echelon of entrepreneurs in today’s business world. They know they can’t do everything for their business without affecting their ability to ensure their company’s continuing success and profitability.

So what’s the one thing they all do? Outsource. Successful entrepreneurs more frequently are putting the right people in place to take care of business processes that they can’t adequately staff, are bogging them down, or require more knowledge and expertise than they have within their organization.

This trend was highlighted by “wework” webzine in a July 2014 article with the headline, “We can’t do it all: Why outsourcing benefits entrepreneurs.” Also in 2014, business owner Laura Lee Sparks told “Entrepreneur” magazine that entrepreneurs have great talents, but many times they think they can do it all.

“That can really stall the growth of the business,” Sparks told the magazine. “By outsourcing the day to day back-office tasks, the business owner has more time to focus on generating income.”

A whole range of business owner support services can be outsourced, to include:

Human resources, including payroll management, recruiting, hiring, employee training and benefits administration. When you think about it, a growing business’ biggest asset are the people it employs.

Creative services, such as marketing and branding, web design, corporate photography, logos, brochures and other print material. Creative services can also include content development, such as press releases, social media marketing and integration, copy writing and executive bios. Focus on developing the strategies to help your business grow and fine tuning your specific products and services. Let a consultant or firm handle Facebook and Instagram. Leave the graphic design to the artists. This will allow you to focus on your executive tasks at hand.

Virtual assistants, to handle bookkeeping, event planning, scheduling, email management, database tasks and other time-consuming work.

—Business coaching and corporate training. Let’s face it. As you grow, you will face new challenges. Scaling a business is chief among them. Let a coach help guide you.

At Principle Strategies, we are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners succeed. Or should we say, succeed more. We specialize in a number of business processes to ease the burden on business owners, freeing them from work that is vital but is proving to be a distraction to their core business.

Our team of experts at Principle Strategies can effectively manage for you a variety of business processes we just described. Our strategic services range from overseeing human resources — to include payroll administration, recruiting and training and other assistance — to guiding marketing and branding for companies, to helping formulate business strategies. We offer social media and graphic support, business coaching, virtual services and more.

We started out in 2002 with the idea that we can tailor our expertise to our clients’ business needs to ensure their success. Nothing has changed since then. Except one thing: The growing number of business owners who have seen our cost-effective business solutions help ensure their companies’ growth and profitability.

Contact us today.

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