FILLED – Select Demolition (Foreman or Supervisor)

Macsons, a well respected demolition and abatement company headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia is seeking experienced and dedicated Foremen & Supervisors to join our team as we continue to grow. We are looking for a hard-working, skilled, professional supervisors and foremen with demolition or construction experience interested in developing a career in the demolition industry. We [...]

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What To Wear For Your Holiday Office Party: Tips for Women and Men

  Dressing for your upcoming holiday office party can be a tough call especially when recommended attire is not mentioned in the announcement. Work-related holiday parties are somewhat trickier than social events in that a certain kind of office dress code is still expected. Here are a few quick guidelines to help you make your [...]

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Dress4Success: Helping You Create Your Personal Brand

By Hope Paryzek For the last 25 years I have worked with businesses to establish and build their brand image. Just as a company’s visual brand communicates its values to its market, I also believe your personal brand communicates your values in the workplace. As a business leader and owner, I often field many questions [...]

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Is It Time To Evaluate Your Benefits Program?

With health care reform legislation taking effect, waiting until your annual benefit renewals to learn your benefit costs have increased or that you are not compliant based on your current workforce is often too late to shop for better alternatives. Health care costs continue to grow faster than the economy. The past five years have [...]

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Does your company story speak to your customers?

  When delving into social media marketing small businesses can easily become lost in a sea of like competitors or for some businesses other franchises. In order to rise above the noise, small businesses need to formulate a cohesive story. Your company story is the key to setting you apart from your competition especially when [...]

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Principle Strategies Promotes Sandy Short to Human Resources & Recruiting Associate

Principle Strategies LLC,a human resources, business, and creative solutions company, is pleased to announce the promotion of Sandy Short to Human Resource & Recruiting Associate to support the company’s rapidly growing client base. “Sandy has been a key part of our growing success this past year in providing our customers with the high level of [...]

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Principle Strategies Selects Photographer Glen McClure As First Spotlight Artist

Principle Strategies’, creative division has selected photographer Glen McClure as the first artist in its Spotlight Artist series highlighting the company’s creative solutions for inspiring office environments. According to Hope Paryzek, CEO of Principle Strategies, an office’s design can affect client and employees’ perceptions of the company brand. “A company’s office space is now recognized [...]

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Perks That Work

Not all companies take the time to design perks and incentives in the most effective ways. Although offering corporate perks can have positive impact on employee engagement, many employers do not truly consider what they offer and why. If not done strategically some perks loose their initial motivating factor, and just become a general expectation [...]

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Companies With Engaged Employees Geared For Success

Disengaged workers cost American companies billions. Almost seven out of 10 American workers were not engaged or were “actively disengaged” in their jobs, according to a Gallup poll released earlier this year. Just 32 percent of the polled workers were engaged in their jobs. What does that mean? A lot to a business owner! Engaged [...]

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Why Hiring Your Next Employee Costs More Than You Realize

Preparing to hire your next employee? How much will it cost you? There are several steps an employer will need to make—each contributing to the overall time and cost associated with hiring a new employee. The actual cost of hiring begins accruing before a candidate starts their first day. Basically, your costs involve more than [...]

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