Principle Strategies Selects Photographer Glen McClure As First Spotlight Artist

Principle Strategies’, creative division has selected photographer Glen McClure as the first artist in its Spotlight Artist series highlighting the company’s creative solutions for inspiring office environments.

According to Hope Paryzek, CEO of Principle Strategies, an office’s design can affect client and employees’ perceptions of the company brand.

“A company’s office space is now recognized as one of the most powerful vehicles for communicating its brand,” say Paryzek. “It is a visual extension of the company’s story that expresses its values and work ethic.”

Office design is not the same as office decorating. According to Paryzek, a business needs to move beyond colors schemes and logos to build credibility with clients or to excite employees about office culture. An important component to a company’s visual brand is the artwork displayed in the office space.

“An art piece should not be selected based on a color palette, but according to the emotional message it conveys to the observer,” says Paryzek. “For example a financial firm would consider rich oil paintings to convey its roots and stability, while an advertising boutique would consider black and white photography to convey movement and energy.“

Selecting a local artist also conveys a strong message to a company’s commitment to the community it serves. Paryzek, a long time supporter of the arts, believes Hampton Roads is a rich source of talented artist.  When it came to designing her office space headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia’s iconic Monticello Arcade,  Paryzek selected photographer Glen McClure whose work captured the energy she wanted to convey about her company.

Realizing an opportunity to bring more awareness to business owners of the value of local artists for office design, Paryzek launched the Spotlight Artist Series. Each selected artist’s work is displayed in the company’s office and is promoted on the PS Creative Solutions website.

“Several times each year, we will highlight local artists we love, whose work extends and communicates a message that can speak to a company’s visual brand,” says Paryzek. “McClure was a natural first pick. His passion and creativity is embodied in powerful, moving photographs that transport you to some of his favorite places.”

McClure is a Virginia native and lifelong resident who was born in Norfolk. His passion for photography goes back to the mid-1970s with the purchase of his first camera in his early 20s.

He began working in the photography field, immersing himself in its techniques and exploring the medium through portraits of everyday people and alluring landscapes.

“Whether it’s a Virginia shipyard workers or watermen in gritty black-and-white portraits, or turbulent storm clouds over County Mayo, Ireland, McClure’s work conveys strong emotional messages that connects you in the moment,” says Paryzek.

McClure is particularly fond of Ireland. To date he has taken 15 photography trips there, and he tries to go to Ireland at least once a year.

“It just feels right,” McClure said. “It’s kind of a melancholy feeling when I leave. I’ve been there so many times I just know the lay of the land. The light’s constantly changing and usually you get all these stormy clouds, hail and rain.”

Whether he is in Ireland, Italy, France, Scotland or other destinations, he does not plan his photo objectives. He photographs following the advice his wife once gave him in Ireland as he fretted over seemingly imperfect shooting conditions.

“She said, `Glen, let your eyes do the work,’” McClure said. “You’ve just got to shoot what’s in front of you.”

McClure believes it’s important to love what you’re doing. And to practice.

“I wake up each morning, look at the sky and head out,” McClure said. “You never know what you’re going to find, I just shoot naturally.”

During the past two decades, McClure has had more than 50 solo and 40 group exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe. Fully illustrated catalogues have accompanied many of these exhibitions and his work can be found in private collections and museums, including the Chrysler Museum, Norfolk; the Mariners Museum, Newport News; and the Art Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke.

Paryzek recommends making an appointment to visit McClure’s studio. “Its like being in a candy store. You have got to have one of everything.”

To find McClure’s work, visit his website at: glenmcclure.com. To learn more about Principle Strategies Spotlight Artist program and Creative Strategies for enhancing your office space, visit http://pscreativesolutions.com/index.html.


Headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia’s iconic Monticello Arcade, Principle Strategies provides human resources, business and creative solutions. Serving Hampton Roads businesses since 2002, Principle Strategies is managed by a local team and staffed by local talent. Services include human resources management, recruiting, benefits administration, marketing support, business development and communications. Each service is designed to support companies by managing specific business processes, filling a role, or completing a project that clients cannot cost effectively staff. Learn more about Principle Strategies at http://principlestrategies.commm/.

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