Principle Strategies Offers Employment Assessment Services

Principle Strategies, a human resources, business, and creative solutions company, is now providing employee assessment testing services to assist companies to effectively hire and manage their employees.

Partnering with the Owen Van Syckle, a Norfolk-based sales consultant, Principle Strategies has incorporated assessment testing services as part of its recruiting services and as a human resources tool for the professional development of current employees.

According to Hope Paryzek, CEO of Principle Strategies, hiring the wrong person or having the wrong person in the job can cost companies anywhere from three to 15 times that employees’ salary.

“With assessment testing, Principle Strategies can help companies select the best person for the job, see how the employee will fit the organization’s culture, and learn how to motivate and develop them for long term success within the company,” says Paryzek.

The assessment has also proven to be a valuable tool for increasing company productivity. In addition to helping firms identify and correct problems with employee production or performance, it provides feedback on how to improve communication.

Paryzek has conducted the assessment on her own team.“The assessment helps educate yourself on how people think, their motivations and how to make the most of your team,” says Paryzek.“It provides a lot of valuable information on what makes a good team member, how to make that team member better and how to make the entire team work better together.”

Companies interested in having assessments performed should contact Principle Strategies at solutions@pstrats.com or (757) 626 – 3533.


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