The New Age of Mobile Online Job Searching

Mobile devices and social media have become a leading force in job hunts and subsequently recruiting. According to Glassdoor, 89% of active job hunters rely on their mobile device as a leading tool in their job search. Closely following, Glassdoor reports that 79% are employing the help of social media, a platform once reserved for personal networking. Websites such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn have quickly become the most popular choices for job hunting on-the-go.

To get the most out of your online job post, keep in mind these simple tips. 
  • Use bullet points to simplify the job requirements. This allows you to avoid extra fluff as well as getting straight to your point. 
  • Use appropriate industry terms for the job you are posting.
  • Include bolded subheadings. They grab the readers’ attention and chunk the information in a logical flow. 
  • If using a dash ( – ) or ( / ) when elaborating on a specific job title, be sure to use spaces ( _ ) in between. 
  • Avoid putting your job title in all capital letters. No one likes to assume they’re being yelled at.
Job Descriptions

Most importantly, a well written job description is key. Ensure keywords can be found in the job title and/or description so that you are attracting the right candidates. Those keywords are essential for job hunters to determine whether they have the necessary experience or desire for the job you have listed. Also, make sure your company profile is up-to-date and accurate. The slightest error in name, address, phone number, or email reflects poorly on your company and can prevent well-qualified candidates from getting in touch for the position.

Job Boards

The most effective way to reach a large audience of job seekers is by posting your mobile job ad on indeed.com, ziprecruiter.com, or craigslist.com. These job boards are the best way of receiving the most qualified applicants for the open position. The prices will vary so setting a daily budget for how much you’re spending can be helpful, particularly for smaller companies.

Overall, the best tips to keep in mind are to ensure ads are simple and concise, able to grab someone’s attention, and connect career sites with social media platforms. With all the aforementioned tips on recruiting in the digital age, your company will find plenty of outstanding talent in no time! 

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