Job Hunting Tips of the Day – March 2019

Digital Application Mistakes You May Be Making!

Check out March’s job hunting tips for when an easy digital application process becomes too easy!


DON’T randomly apply to jobs and then forget about them:

Applying to jobs on sites such as Indeed or Glassdoor can sometimes be TOO easy! So easy in fact that a single press of a button can submit your resume to multiple jobs at once. Applying to jobs in this way makes it easy to forget about them and be caught off guard if an employer calls you to conduct a phone interview. Sounding surprised or not prepared is extremely unprofessional and may cost you the job. 


DO include a cover letter:

In the digital age, it’s easy to send out your resume lots of places, but including a cover letter is one of the best ways to stand out to employers. This shows that you took the extra initiative to explain how much you are interested in the job and why you would be the most qualified. That being said, never use a fill in the blank formula or reuse a cover letter from one application to the next. You run the risk of forgetting a detail or two in there about a different company. This can send off a red alarm to the employer that you do not care enough about the position to craft a new cover letter.


DO answer any pre-application questions:

Pre-application questions are there for a reason. They are the first signs to the recruiter that you are qualified for the job. Sites like Indeed allow employers the opportunity to submit pre-application questions, which are very easy to fill out and take almost no time. Additionally, forgetting to fill out those pre-application questions gives the impression that you are not detail-oriented and may potentially rush through tasks without completing them to the fullest extent if hired. 


DO verify your resume has uploaded correctly:

Before you hit the submit button, make sure that your resume displays well in the specific format of the site. Many times, the format of your resume gets messed up due to not adhering with the detailed formula on the website.  A messed up resume gets confusing and also gives off a very unprofessional air, especially considering it’s sometimes the only thing you have to submit to apply for a job. Bottom line, ALWAYS double check before sending it in!

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