Job Hunting Tips – November 2018

Looking to make a good impression on your potential new boss? Take a look at November’s Job Hunting Tips!

  • #1 Punctuality:
    As the great William Shakespeare once said, “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” While he was not referring to being on time for interviews or your day-to-day job, it is helpful advice for us all. Arriving early presents you in a favorable, punctual, and professional light. When interviewing, your punctuality could potentially be the factor between a contract or a rejection. 
  • #2 “Thank You”:
    One of the most helpful and courteous tips for getting a leg up on the competition when interviewing is sending a thank note to whoever interviewed you as soon as possible. Thanking them for taking time out of their day to consider hiring you is very respectful. It also shows you truly care and are interested in the position. This will make you stand out considerably more from another front-runner if you’re the only one that took time to express your gratitude. 
  • #3 Technology Advantage:
    With job recruiting becoming more prevalent online than say a newspaper, make sure you take advantage of the Internet by ensuring you have a LinkedIn profile. It could land you a job just by an employer searching for someone of your particular skillset. 
  • #4 Questions:
    When interviewing, it is important to ask your potential future employer questions about the position and how you would fit in. Keep in mind that they are not only interviewing you as a good fit, but you are also interviewing them to see whether the feeling is mutual. Asking questions can help you feel more comfortable in making a decision about the job either way.
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