Job Hunting Tips – How to Find Internships in Your Desired Field While in College

Calling all college students! Take a look at August’s job hunting tips to learn how to find internships!


Networking is of the best ways to get your dream job or internship. Make sure you’re kind and courteous to any business professional you may meet. If you make a great connection, don’t be shy asking them for a business card. This way you can reach out to them at a later date for a job, internship, recommendation, or simply information on who’s hiring. College professors are another great resource in your internship search. If you have a good relationship with the professors in your desired field, you can turn to them for guidance or information on available internships since they know you and know your work. This familiarity with your academic performance allows them to recommend what you can work on or internship openings that they believe you will excel in.

Campus Career Center

As a college student, you have so many different resources at your fingertips. Many colleges have a campus career center specifically catered to help college students get jobs and internships. They generally have a bulletin board advertising job opportunities and internships on or around campus. These bulletin boards may even be in other communal areas around campus, so keep your eye out at all times because they might have the internship you’re looking for. You can also inquire with the staff at the career center about even more internship and job opportunities that may not be listed or any questions you may have.

Career Fairs

Many colleges host their own or local career fairs or recruitment events. Look for these advertised in and around campus, in particular at your campus’ career center. Job fairs are the perfect way for you to see what employers are hiring and get a taste of interviews and marketing yourself. Dress the part and don’t be afraid to go up and ask about what positions they have open. Make your marketing pitch short and concise while also personable. If you’re interested in the job, you want to establish a good relationship with that employer and make sure they know your name so they can remember who you are once they see that you’ve applied. It may even give you an edge up in application status if they give the indication they like you and what you have to offer. 

Use the internet

The Internet is a vast and useful resource when you’re doing research to find the perfect internship for you. One way to approach your internship research is by looking up your dream companies. Do they have any available internships you may qualify for? If not, look up small, possibly local, companies similar in nature to your dream companies. Do they have any options for internships? Maybe your dream job has certain requirements they look for in a candidate. Research internships that will help you gain those particular skills or requirements without being too specific. There are also some great websites that give you the best results when searching for internships in your chosen field. Take a look at AfterCollege.com, collegerecruiter.com, and idealist.org. These specifically cater to college students looking for internships. Another great resource is indeed.com. While Indeed includes many jobs in all types of fields for all types of people, you can specifically search for internships in a particular industry and apply for them from the website.

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