Job Hunting Tips of the Day – February 2019

When does the interview process actually begin?

  • When application is submitted: Sending your resume in for a job doesn’t stop there, nor is it the only information you should be sending. To stand out as a polished and professional job candidate, you should attach a cover letter written specifically for that company detailing why you want the job and how you are the best candidate for it. DO NOT make the mistake of using a pre-formatted fill in the blanks template to save time. Employers will know! 
  • Through the phone interview: Don’t submit an application and forget about it. It is far too easy in the digital age to submit your resume for a job. Keep track of the jobs you apply for. You should expect a phone interview after submitting your application and resume for a job. Don’t let a future employer catch you off guard and perhaps write you off because you did not seem prepared for an impromptu interview. Make a good first impression by asking smart questions and fully answering all of theirs.
  • Onto the emails sent between: First of all, make sure your email address is professional and presents you in the best light possible. Secondly, when actually composing an email, check for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation with a respectful sign off. Lastly, reply quickly to emails. It lets employers know you are eager and excited to potentially be considered for a certain job. 
  • And finally the in-person interview itself: The last part of the interview process is the in-person interview with the manager or boss. They already know a lot about you and have an idea of whether you’ll be able to handle the position. Now it’s your turn to dazzle them with your confidence and people skills. Finally, make sure to follow any interview instructions given, from the directions, to parking, to items to bring with you. This all shows your potential employer what type of employee you will be if they hire you. Always present a clean and polished look to show your interviewer that you mean business.