Job Hunting Tips of the Day – September 2018

Looking to change jobs? Check out this month’s Job Hunting Tips for additional help!

  • #1 Ready your responses
    Review industry common interview questions and prepare your responses accordingly. This helps keep you from being caught off guard by certain interview questions. Try not to memorize a script of answers because that could hinder your ability to best answer a question. 
  • #2 Strong is wrong
    Steer clear from wearing extremely noticeable fragrances. This is an unwritten rule in the workplace. If you must use some fragrances, only apply a small amount; it should be hardly noticeable by anyone close enough to hug.  
  • #3 Confidence is key
    You should convey confidence in your responses during interviews. To accomplish this, focus on answering with authenticity and showcasing an impressive skill set associated with the position.   
  • #4 Body language speaks silently
    Quality responses are only as impressive as the body language that accompanies them. Be sure to maintain great posture and eye contact, actively listen, and keep a friendly facial expression.