Job Hunting Tips of the Day – October 2018

Finding a job can be tough. Use this month’s Job Hunting Tips to succeed!

  • #1 Mobile Friendly Resume and Cover Letter:
    Have a version of your resume and cover letter on a mobile platform such as Dropbox, iCloud Drive or Google Drive. This will make applying for jobs from your smartphone much easier and more accessible for uploading and submitting.
  • #2 Alerts!:
    If your smartphone is the predominant method of job hunting for you, turn on your notifications so you can get alerts from the job sites you subscribe to. Mobile alerts are great ways to stay up-to-date and receive real-time responses to job searches.
  • #3 Interview Wear:
    When trying to determine how to dress for your job interview, do some research into the company you’re interested in working for. See what clues can tip you off to the dress code of that company. When in doubt, go a step above. Dress one level more formal than you assume the job would expect. Save the casual attire for once you get the job.

          TIP: Check out another one of our articles for extra information – What is Professional Attire?

  • #4 Interview No-Show?:
    In the event that an unexpected emergency arises and you cannot make it for your scheduled interview, tell the employer immediately of your circumstance. This indicates you respect the employer’s time and prevents you from burning any major bridges. In the event you decide not to reschedule, it is good manners to inform your employer that you have withdrawn your candidacy and the reasons why. If you would like to reschedule your interview, email, and if necessary ensure delivery with a phone call, to suggest a new date and time for you to come in and interview.