Job Hunting Tips of The Day – June 2018

Thinking of looking for a new job? Here are this month’s Job Hunting Tips to help make your search a success!

  • #1 Ready For Your Follow Up
    Be prepared for your interviewer to ask follow up questions to your replies. For example; if you say your strength is organization the interviewer may ask what you do that others don’t to make organization your strength. Avoid vague answers by preparing for these scenarios.
  • #2 Common Interview Question|
    “Why are you interested in working for us?” This question is pretty much guaranteed to be asked by a potential employer. Providing a good answer to this question could be the difference between being hired or not.
  • #3 Hook Them!
    Often recruiters interview many people each day and take notes about each interview session. Make it your goal to provide a memorable impression so that you standout from the crowd. The best hook is a memorable work related story that demonstrates you’re a strong candidate.
  • #4 Ask Questions
    It’s common to think that interview questions are only to be asked by the interviewer, but to the contrary, it’s good to ask the interviewer questions about the company. Remember, they’re interviewing you as a potential employee therefore you should interview them as a potential employer.