Job Hunting Tips of The Day – July 2018

Looking for your next career? Here are this month’s Job Hunting Tips!

  • #1A clean profile
    Today employers often check the social media channels of potential new hires. Your due diligence as a future employee is to clean up any past content that employers may frown upon.
  • #2End with a bang!
    Close out the interview with a great impression by reemphasizing your strengths, showing a strong interest in the open position, and by sincerely thanking them for the consideration.
  • #3 No distractions
    It’s best practice to keep electronic devices off when going to an interview. If you must keep your cellular device on, be sure to silence all notifications.
  • #4 Common interview question
    “Why did you leave or why are you planning to leave your current employer?” This is a common interview question used across many industries. Be ready to provide a good and respectable response. An example answer may be: “I am looking to broaden my knowledge by obtaining the skills necessary to perform this open position.”