Employer HR Tips – September 2018

Looking to run your business a little more smoothly? Take a look at this month’s Employer HR Tips!

  • “Do What I Say, Not What I Do” is OUT!:
    Employers must work especially hard to build and maintain employees’ trust. Lead by example so your employees can look to you as a guide on how to act. Admitting faults and owning up to your mistakes allows you to appeal more favorably to your employees as it expresses you are all on the same level as humans. Most importantly, always remember that the goal to being a leader is to bring out the best in others.
  • Flexible Schedules:
    Many of your employees probably have families to care for and tend to. Offering them options when appropriate to create their own schedule and work remotely allows them to be there for their family. Ensuring your employees have a work-life balance keeps everyone in the workplace happier and healthier.
  • Worker Wellness Wins:
    There has been a recent increase in the emphasis placed on wellbeing. Many people are beginning to realize how important it is to keep their physical, mental, and emotional health in balance. Keeping with that spirit, try offering your employees wellness programs to indicate you value their complete wellbeing and to deter from the stereotypically toxic and stressful environment found in many workplaces. Some examples of wellness programs include access to fitness centers, yoga classes, wellness adventures, and competitive weight loss challenges among employees. 
  • #MeToo:
    Sexual harassment and discrimination within the workplace affects everyone and the success of your business. Enact a no-tolerance stance toward that behavior, and ensure that all your employees are informed about these policies and disciplinary actions.