Employer HR Tips – October 2018

When it comes to running a small business, employee handbooks keep everything in order. Check out this month’s latest employer HR tips!

Employee Handbooks Are a Must:

No matter the size of the business, an employee handbook is a must. Having enumerated guidelines and procedures in the handbook that are updated regularly will notably help your business run smoothly when it comes to vacation requests, attendance, and discipline, but also can protect against liability and lawsuits.

Updates Keep You Safe:

At the minimum, employee handbooks should be updated once a year. Even better would be updating them every six months. It is the business’s job to stay up-to-date on new laws or regulations being passed that could possibly affect daily operations. Handbooks should be updated as soon as possible in such cases.

Cookie Cutters Aren’t For Handbooks:

Never use a standard template to create your company’s handbook as it may not cover all necessary bases. This may leave you vulnerable to liability. It should be as specific and tailored as possible to your particular business and the industry it is in.

Employee Handbooks Are Rulebooks:

Instead of leaving employees wondering, your employee handbook is a great resource to detail what is expected of them as an employee. It can go both ways as the handbook should also list the expectations of you as an employer. If guidelines are vague, you open yourself up to the risk of facing a lawsuit.

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