Employer HR Tips – November 2018

Interviewing potential new employees for your small business can seem daunting. With help from November’s employer HR tips, you’ll be interviewing like a pro in no time!

Make a Checklist:

Before conducting a phone interview, list all the criteria you or your team hope to find in a potential new employee. Having that set idea prior to interviewing candidates can help you create specific questions that will allow you to narrow down the candidates in a timely manner.

Stay Flexible:

As an employer you are extremely busy, but know that your job candidates are as well. They are most likely trying to schedule these interviews around their existing job or school schedule. Being open to phone interviews on lunch breaks or outside normal hours shows that you care enough to truly take a chance to find the right person for the position. That respect is an admirable quality many job-seekers hope to find.

Intentions & Motivations:

Learn potential job candidates’ intentions and motivations early on in the phone interview. That way you can tail qualities of the position to what they’re looking for. It also serves as a way to get a feel of how they’d fit into the company’s culture. It is ideal to be on the same page as soon as possible.

Interviewing Goes Both Ways:

When interviewing a candidate on the phone, be sure to allow time for the candidate to ask some of his or her questions about the company or job position. Answering their questions is a way for them to evaluate how well they believe they would fit into the company if offered a position. When both sides are comfortable and happy, the transition goes much smoother.

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