Employer HR Tips – July 2018

Looking to improve your skillset as the boss? Check out this month’s helpful Employer HR Tips!

  • Keep Job Descriptions Current:
    Job descriptions are essential in attracting the right kind of candidate for the job. They should list criteria, expectations, and key skill requirements necessary for completing the expected tasks. Therefore, it should act as a standard for employee performance. Job descriptions can additionally act as a defensive legal document in the event of a lawsuit. 
  • Utilize Employee Assessments:
    As you consider a new hire, try using an assessment testing service to determine how well the potential employee will fit into the company’s existing culture. It is essential to ensure your potential new hire is the right fit!
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:
    Employee assessments are excellent tools to understand employees’ strengths, as well as mentor and develop them. Additionally, they can help you assemble teams with employees whose strengths complement each other’s and foster a high morale and loyalty within the workplace. 
  • Collaboration is Key:
    In addition to encouraging teamwork, try keeping a freely creative and collaborative atmosphere. When employers contribute ideas and concerns, problems can sometimes be solved much quicker and more creatively. 
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