Employer HR Tips – August 2018

Never stop being a student, even when you’re the one in charge. Learn from this month’s Employer HR Tips!

  • Keep Employees Engaged:
    As an employer, it is your job to motivate employees as well as keep them engaged in the company and the work they are doing. Prioritizing employees’ engagement is beneficial as it leads to an increase of revenue for the company. A good plan would be to bring in the management team to talk with employees one on one about their work.
  • Enticing Perks:
    Employee perks are a great way to entice new hires and motivate existing employees. The best way to come up with these perks is by going directly to the source. Ask your employees what they would like to see you offer, especially perks that will motivate them the most. One example includes holding Team Days where the office closes and the staff works on a community service project. You can later share in a newsletter or press release to promote the business.
  • Don’t Overwork!:
    Instead of frequently working your employees overtime to finish projects, allow them to create a good work-life balance by working with them to create their schedule. If the deadline for a project is looming, suggest employees come in earlier or stay later certain days to accommodate their family as well as getting the important jobs done. This will lead to higher morale, which leads to productivity, revenue, and an increase in respect for you, their employer. 
  • Smoke-free environment?:
    Due to government regulations, most workplaces ban the use of cigarettes and similar tobacco products. However, e-cigarettes and vapes are becoming increasingly popular among all ages. Make sure your employees know what your stance is on e-cigarettes and vapes, whether they are allowed in designated areas or prohibited all together.