Does your company story speak to your customers?


When delving into social media marketing small businesses can easily become lost in a sea of like competitors or for some businesses other franchises. In order to rise above the noise, small businesses need to formulate a cohesive story. Your company story is the key to setting you apart from your competition especially when you are trying to reach you local market.

A good brand story has less emphasis on your company and focuses more on your customers. It talks about your customers and the value they get from your product or service, and most importantly the value they get when engaging with your company.

Think of your value in terms of what you are doing to make your customer’s lives better, and how your company’s culture contributes to the solutions you give your customers.

Your company story should be told from two points of view:  your customer’s from their personal experience, and your employee’s from their observations of your customers using your products or services. When capturing your company story you should identify the common words, responses and themes expressed by these view points.

Your company story is not necessarily one long story posted under your About Us page. Instead, aspects of your company story are told through different platforms and channels tying all of your marketing messages together. You will weave your company story through:

  • Testimonials
  • Company history
  • Press releases
  • Blog articles
  • Social media posts
  • Print Collateral

A strong company story is built upon the relationship you have with your customers. When building your company story a good place to start is to talk to your clients. A question I like to ask my clients when getting feedback is ‘what problem did we solve for you in the last year?’ Their answer allows you to hear in their own words what value they derive from your products or services, and gives you insight into how your company is perceived in order to structure the story you will tell.

See what we do for our clients on this subject at: http://www.pscreativesolutions.com/company-story.html