Employer HR Tips – How to find salary ranges for jobs you’re hiring for

As a small business owner, one of your jobs is to set the salary for job openings. This is one of the most important factors for a job seeker so having an attractive salary or salary range will better attract potential employees. Many things go into deciding on a salary range: your business's philosophy, availability [...]

Employer HR Tips – Vetting Resumes

How to vet resumes Looking for a better way to vet potential employees? Take a look at July’s Employer HR Tips to streamline your process of vetting resumes! Categorize resume bulk: When faced with a stack of resumes, it can be intimidating when you’re trying to find that one perfect candidate. The easiest way to [...]

Employer HR Tips – June 2019

Required Posters for Virginia Employers Take a moment to review a few of the required posters you must have properly displayed in your workplace as a Virginia employer. Notice to Workers (VEC-B-29) This poster is based on the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act (UC). All employers who fall under VA unemployment compensation laws must have it [...]

Employer HR Tips – March 2019

Keeping Employee Files Protected Security of employee data has gained attention when it comes to data on company computer networks and intranets. A recent court case, Dittman vs UPMC, has held a company responsible for employee data that was stolen from its computer network. In addition to reviewing your electronic data security policies, do not [...]

Employer HR Tips – December 2018

An employee’s salary is an important component of job satisfaction. There are a number of factors in determining a competitive salary. Check out this month’s employer tips for the next time you’re determining employee salaries.  Classification When determining your employees’ salaries, first consider whether they are exempt or non-exempt. Exempt employees are paid a salary [...]

Employer HR Tips – October 2018

When it comes to running a small business, employee handbooks keep everything in order. Check out this month's latest employer HR tips! Employee Handbooks Are a Must: No matter the size of the business, an employee handbook is a must. Having enumerated guidelines and procedures in the handbook that are updated regularly will notably help [...]