What Does HR Mean to Small Businesses? Part 1

Human Resources (HR) is the department that helps businesses operate and run. HR is responsible for recruiting new employees, training new hires, running payroll, administering benefits, improving workplace culture, retaining employees, and communicating amongst the company. For small businesses, this department is generally made up of only a few people. Depending on the size, all [...]

Job Hunting Tips – How to Find Internships in Your Desired Field While in College

Calling all college students! Take a look at August's job hunting tips to learn how to find internships! Networking Networking is of the best ways to get your dream job or internship. Make sure you’re kind and courteous to any business professional you may meet. If you make a great connection, don’t be shy asking [...]

Job Hunting Tips – Crafting Your Resume as a Student

How students can set up a resume using schoolwork as job experience Landing a job without years of prior experience is a struggle for students and recent college graduates alike. Use July’s job hunting tips to learn how to craft a resume that will get you the job! Transferable skills: Transferable skills are skills or [...]

Employer HR Tips – June 2019

Required Posters for Virginia Employers Take a moment to review a few of the required posters you must have properly displayed in your workplace as a Virginia employer. Notice to Workers (VEC-B-29) This poster is based on the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act (UC). All employers who fall under VA unemployment compensation laws must have it [...]

Why Small Businesses Need Employee Handbooks

Having your company’s policies and procedures outlined in a handbook, updated regularly and legally reviewed, will notably help a small business run smoothly when it comes to managing vacation requests, attendance, discipline, and much more. Having these written rules and guidelines can lower a small business’ risk of liability and protect against expensive lawsuits. All [...]

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Employer HR Tips – March 2019

Keeping Employee Files Protected Security of employee data has gained attention when it comes to data on company computer networks and intranets. A recent court case, Dittman vs UPMC, has held a company responsible for employee data that was stolen from its computer network. In addition to reviewing your electronic data security policies, do not [...]