Does your company story speak to your customers?

  When delving into social media marketing small businesses can easily become lost in a sea of like competitors or for some businesses other franchises. In order to rise above the noise, small businesses need to formulate a cohesive story. Your company story is the key to setting you apart from your competition especially when [...]

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Principle Strategies Announces Formation Of Its Creative Solutions Division

Principle Strategies has announced the recent addition of its Creative Solutions division, a digital marketing and visual branding solution specifically created to meet Principle Strategies’ client demands. Principle Strategies supports a diverse cliental with industries ranging from shipping to property management whose sizes span from one employee to over 50. Hope Paryzek, CEO of Principle [...]

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Hiring and Managing Employees Is Top Small Business Concern: Five Questions to Gage Your Next Step

One of the more difficult aspects of running a small business is wearing multiple hats from sales and marketing, to human resources, to payroll and accounting. When considered in conjunction with a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup small business survey that found small business owners work an average of 52 hours per week with the majority, 57 [...]

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Principle Strategies Selects Photographer Glen McClure As First Spotlight Artist

Principle Strategies’, creative division has selected photographer Glen McClure as the first artist in its Spotlight Artist series highlighting the company’s creative solutions for inspiring office environments. According to Hope Paryzek, CEO of Principle Strategies, an office’s design can affect client and employees’ perceptions of the company brand. “A company’s office space is now recognized [...]

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